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                [Jiajia wooden door / house-wide customization] Year-end sprint, race against time, fight to the end!
                Date: 2020/1/6 Hits: 340

                As the Chinese New Year holiday is approaching, how many goals have you still left? As long as you are on the road, you cannot reach the front. Beyond yesterday's selves, meet better selves, no matter what the result, we are all brave enough to fight, to the last minute of the warrior, Jian Feng pointed out, sprinting to the end!


                We must seize the precious time at the end of the year and strive for the belief that we will sprint to achieve the company's annual performance goals! As the year approaches, this is our opportunity and even more challenge!



                No matter who you are, all your achievements are made with painstaking efforts and hardships; but good things will eventually find conscience; loneliness is the premise of concentration, allowing you to deal with every detail just in place; only ingenuity, not years.



                In 2020, we will strengthen the mining and training of talents, so that they can continue to progress and succeed on the platform provided by the company. It is necessary to strengthen and improve the company's system construction and ensure the company's long-term development.



                Looking back on 2019 because of you

                Every step we take is more solid

                Looking back on 2019 because you

                Every step of our growth is more robust

                Tribute to 2019 because of you

                Our days are more exciting

                Goodbye 2019, thank you

                Makes the winter sun warmer

                Sprint at the end of the year, come on!

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