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                [Jiajia wooden door / whole house customization] Meet light luxury, create the exquisite fashion of exclusive "door"!
                Date: 2019/10/21 Hits: 321



                There is no shortage of luxury goods in the wooden door industry,

                Fine carving process,

                The selection of high-grade wood wears a heavy "crown" for the wooden doors.

                However, such noble luxury or ignore the most essential pursuit of wooden doors,

                If you are not careful, you will easily fall into the stereotype of "looking like God".




                Delicate and layered

                The light luxury series wooden door adopts new, unique door cover, design and smooth sealing angle. Steady atmospheric life will always be the most perfect landscape in the heart. The place where the inspiration can feel the tenderness from the heart, this sense is a little bit of pipe from the details.




                The perfect blend of wood grain and fashion

                Light luxury represents freedom and luxury

                Understated and luxurious, aggressive and traditional

                Features strong design, comfort and simplicity

                Delivers the delicateness and texture of the wooden door

                Give noble temperament to the whole home



                Detailing and designing of styles

                The implementation of the concept of health

                Interpretation of extraordinary taste, showing light luxury and elegance

                Play a gorgeous movement in light luxury fashion style


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