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                The wooden door is less than 42 mm thick. The sound insulation is not guaranteed.
                Date: 2019/4/1 Hits: 507

                 Are you the kind of person who will be awakened when there is a sound? Or is it a person who can't sleep when he hears loud noises? In fact, in this world, he listens to the sounds of everything from day to day. It’s okay during the day, but it’s inevitably a bit irritating at night, because there’s a lot of noise in the city and there’s nowhere to escape.

                We have to admit that we are both the most innocent victims of all kinds of noise and the most powerful manufacturers. Therefore, when the quality of sound insulation in houses is generally poor, how to obtain a quiet and comfortable home environment is particularly important.
                Indoor sound insulation is system engineering
                For indoor sound insulation, it is only to solve the sealing problem, and since it is necessary to seal, it must start from many aspects, and also pay attention to ventilation while sealing. It should be said that indoor sound insulation should be a systematic project, and the choice of doors and windows is only one part of it.
                It is reported that the sound insulation of professional sound insulation windows ranges from 30 decibels to 40 decibels, which can better solve the noise pollution problem under normal circumstances. For the sound insulation and noise reduction in different situations, it is necessary to cooperate with the building acoustics and the wall of the house. If only relying on the sound insulation window, it will not solve the problem.
                For the sound transmission of pipes, it can be treated with sound absorbing materials; for the household walls and the sound of the floor slabs, there are also professional sound insulation methods such as paving acoustic boards.
                It should be noted that a professional sound insulation solution should contain several key steps: To detect the noise source at home, and to formulate a noise control plan according to the owner's sensitive situation; secondly, select a suitable sound insulation window or other solution according to the noise situation; Only the specific design can be carried out.
                No matter how to make sound insulation, don't forget to properly ventilate. The environment is too unhealthy for people. Noise should be provided on the noise-facing side, and ventilation should be maintained for the opposite side, but the window should not be opened because the noise may be reflected and transmitted back.
                Door thickness over 42 mm
                1. The way to deal with noise is to seal the window. Whether it is a single-story window or a double-story window, the seal is the most important. The carrying capacity of the barrel is determined by the shortest piece of wood, and the sound insulation effect is determined by the weakest link. From the current state of the art, the use of plastic steel windows as a means of sealing is the most effective decoration. For users who have already used aluminum alloys, it should be ensured that the aluminum alloy frame seals are intact. Relatively speaking, the sealing of aluminum alloy windows is worse than that of plastic steel windows.
                2. Sound insulation is not to say that it is sealed, but also depends on the sealing performance. The use of insulating glass in plastic-steel windows is a very effective method, because the pollution of noise is often the high-pitched part, while the high-pitched sound is transmitted in a straight line, and most of it can be reflected by glass, and the insulating glass can be partially consumed without reflection. Exhausted. It is also a simpler way to use part of the sound energy by using thick curtains, but it is not a very effective method.
                3. For the middle and low frequencies generated by vibration friction, carpet or sound-absorbing cotton can be used to reduce their influence on the room. Adding a rubber pad to the foot of the bed can also alleviate a certain sense of vibration. At the same time, the mattress is better than the spring mattress.
                4. Some wall treatments can be used to achieve sound insulation. For example, some houses now use lightweight bricks for walls. These materials are poorly sealed. If the noise on the roadside is very large, you can use the wall on the road. It is made of a light steel and paper gypsum board, and the interior is a sandwich of sound-absorbing cotton, which can solve the problem of sound insulation to a large extent.
                5. The solid wood composite door has a strong degree of adhesion and a relatively good sound insulation effect. The thickness of the door is above 42 mm, and the thinner the sound, the worse the sound insulation effect. The sliding door is not as soundproof as the swing door. Remember to use a sealing strip in the groove between the door and the door frame.

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